Our history

ASEDL company was founded in 2004.

Over the years, the organization has passed the interesting and substantial way from the importer to the manufacturer.
At the moment the organization is a major importer of profiles, fittings and other systems for the production of doors, windows, transparent constructions.
The organization is the official representative of many world leading brands in Armenia.
It is the regional representative of several famous brands, which also exports the products of these brands from the RA to other countries.
The organization has the largest distribution network in Armenia and continues to expand it by signing new cooperative agreements with large resellers in the territory of Armenia.

The organization realizes the need to continuously identify and study customer needs in a day-by-day changing environment, that's why we value being close to our customers, investors, and partners, which helps us to create and deliver the latest solutions with modern approaches and standards, in the center of which is the customer and the ecosystem forming around it for the benefit of  sustainable development of all stakeholders.