Our mission

The mission of our organization is to contribute to the development of various sectors of the economy by stimulating small and medium-sized businesses․
Providing each department with the modern technology necessary for superior service.
According to the policy adopted by the company, the transfer of experience and the provision of new knowledge is the main type of human resource management in our organization. The organization positioned itself as "learning" and "teaching".
In order to increase the level of knowledge of the employees of the organization, as well as to increase the efficiency of work  to strengthen the positions of our organization in the market, to present new products and to get acquainted with the news of the market, training courses are regularly organized both in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.
Special attention is paid to compliance with the rules of integrity, fast and high-quality customer service․ The recommendations and considerations received from the clients of our organization receive appropriate attention, if necessary, the specialist meets with the client in order to get to know the problem in detail and provide an immediate solution.
The organization recognizes that its actions affect people's lives and well-being every day. The organization believes in transparency, ethics, honesty and impartiality in its operations.